Remote Monitoring

MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS ARE ASKING GUARDIAN CSC to implement a completely hands-off control system that can be monitored and adjusted remotely. The combination of the eController coupled with our online data management software Guardian Reports give our customers the ability to have all their systems data at their fingertips at any time. Guardian CSC employees and their customers can access this website simply by using Internet Explorer. Once they are logged in, users can both create and view multiple report types, graph test results, view eController data, and access product safety information. Guardian Reports allows the user to go beyond a binder full of pages with hand-written tests; test results from both Service Reports and Operator Logs can be trended against eController data. With this technology, Guardian Reports takes the water treatment industry into the Internet era.


The eController has proven to be the most revolutionary product the water treatment market has ever seen. It offers the ability to control and monitor cooling towers, boilers, and process water systems by using a standard web browser from any computer anywhere in the world. In addition, the eController delivers a range of new technology capabilities including user-friendly programming, multi-user access, and email notifications for datalogs, alarms, and system summaries. When paired with Guardian Reports, the eController has many unique features, such as the ability to compare eController and wet test data, archive eController data, and access eController data from within Guardian Reports.


Designed as a forward-thinking solution for the water treatment industry,Guardian Reports effectively replaces the traditional pencil and paper binder used by most water treatment companies.


  • No software needs to be downloaded.
  • Internet Explorer 5.5+ and an Internet connection are the only requirements.
  • Updates and new features appear automatically.
  • An intuitive, icon-based navigation system insures ease-of-use.


  • eController data logs may be compared with Service Report and Operator Log test results.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual product usage may be reviewed.
  • Reported test results may be easily graphed and compared.
  • All test results on a system may be viewed by easily accessing the system overview chart.


  • Color-coded control limits provide an easy indication of test results.
  • Test results are easily graphed and trended.
  • Saved reports provide an overview of time spent and work performed.
  • Reports that are emailed appear exactly as they appear online.


  • Configure eController to sample up to 144 data points per day to insure detailed and accurate results.
  • Graph and trend eController data recordings.
  • Configure eController to send inventory levels and test results directly to eServiceReport up to 48 times a day.
  • Compare eController data logs with Service Report and Operator Log tests.


  • Easily access up-to-date MSDS and Product Data Sheets.
  • Access a library of training materials and water treatment-related literature.
  • View pictures of equipment inspections, site layouts, and more.