Reverse Osmosis

GUARDIAN CSC HAS SEEN A DRAMATIC INCREASE in the number of inquiries relating to Reverse Osmosis (RO) and membrane systems. This growth prompted the formation of a specific RO offering, consisting of the manufacturing of packaged units, on and off-site membrane cleanings, and RO plant service and maintenance. Guardian is delighted to announce a collaboration with Genesys North America to supply antiscalant, flocculant and cleaning chemicals for reverse osmosis, nano-filtration and ultrafiltration membranes.photo_genesys

Guardian CSC believes that proper water treatment equipment is paramount to the success of a quality program. For this reason, Guardian CSC has invested resources into our equipment division. Guardian CSC employs water technologists and mechanics who have the ability to take your specific application through all stages of design, installation, preventive maintenance and repair.

Our Custom Equipment Installation Team will design and build systems on-site, as well as prefabricate systems for your specific applications. With a service agreement, Guardian provides a worry-free treatment program, including repair/replacement of all feed equipment and controls. Guardian will also handle the major portion of the installation.


Antiscalants — Supply of NSF approved high performing scale inhibitors which also suppress the deposition of metal ions which can damage the membrane surface.

Cleaners — Specially formulated acid and alkaline cleaning products that contain detergents, surfactants and chelants designed to remove mineral scale, clay, and microbiological foulants. Unique cleaning formulations that optimize contaminant removal yielding cleaner membranes.

System Check Up — Guardian utilizes the GENESYS Health Check Survey System to determine the condition of membranes and to create a complete program for optimizing membrane efficacy.

Pretreatment Systems — Pretreatment is critical for the RO membrane to perform. Guardian filtration and pretreatment systems can be custom designed and manufactured to fit your needs. Both new systems and system upgrades are available.

Packaged RO Units — Guardian and its equipment partners design, build and maintain RO systems and the Pretreatment systems required for quality RO water. Guardian can supply either a custom design or a standard design RO unit based on your application and need.

Maintenance — Guardian offers a complete line of maintenance programs and service packages for RO systems. Our technicians can perform membrane replacement, unit maintenance and system diagnostics. Guardian also offers preventive maintenance programs to assist plant operations.

Cleaning Service — Guardian offers clean in-place and remote membrane cleaning services.

Membrane Autopsy — Through our partnership with GENESYS, Guardian offers state of the art membrane autopsy. Guardian uses the data from membrane autopsy’s to design the most effective treatment and operating programs for your RO.