Green Chemistry

Whether you are looking to become LEED Certified or looking for ways to make your facility more sustainable, Guardian CSC can help.

GUARDIAN CSC HAS RESPONSIBLY APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES to conserve water, reducephoto_greenchemistry
chemical handling, and enhance environmental compliance at customer facilities for over 20 years. We understand the rush to be Green and maintain an environmental focus. Guardian CSC offers four water treatment options that qualify for LEED points as well as exceed the EPA’s 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.

Traditional Chemistry
Guardian CSC helps design water reuse programs, and offers environmentally-friendly cooling and boiler water treatment programs. Each program is designed for your facility’s water quality, equipment, metallurgy and operation. Key features of these programs include:

  • Maximizing energy efficiency
  • Reducing water consumption
  • No Phosphorus water treatment programs
  • No Heavy Metal or Molybdenum programs
  • GCS Cooling Products conserve water by extending cooling water concentrations
  • Plastic and metal drums are returned for recycling. Use of recycled containers reduces the carbon footprint to make containers
  • Inhibitors that are biodegradable and have low aquatic toxicity
  • Dry products or liquid concentrates that reduce fuel consumption and shipping costs
  • Chlorine/halogen free treatment programs

Solid Feed Technologies

Guardian CSC offers two solid feed technologies.  Liquids, in addition to being bulky, are very heavy and consume a great deal of energy and fuel to transport.  The use of our solid feed options also means no heavy drums to move. This substantially reduces the potential for injury to your employees.

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  • Low Carbon foot print
  • Eliminate Spill potential
  • No Pails or Drums to move or dispose
  • No onsite storage issues

Electro Chemical Device

Guardian ECD 400 utilizes direct current electrolysis to remove anions and cations (Ca+2 & CO3-2) from water systems in excess of calcium carbonate saturation. CaCO3 deposited on the inner surface of the electrolysis chamber (cathode) of the ECD 400 is flushed to drain as a daily procedure or can be manually cleaned. The resultant water requires no chemical inhibitors and eliminates the need for acid to reduce scaling tendency.
This American Made unit is designed to withstand even the most challenging industrial environments. UL certified electronics ensure reliable performance as well as the operational versatility to enable the ECD 400 to meet almost any system’s requirements.
This proven technology supplements Guardian CSC Reverse Osmosis, Cold Lime Softening, Ion Exchange, Ultrafiltration and Water Softener products.