Boiler Water Treatment

GUARDIAN CSC boiler water treatment programs are tailored to fit your specific needs and water quality. Water treatment management programs are designed to provide the optimum in scale and corrosion protection. When properly executed, boiler treatment reduces utility costs by improving boiler efficiency, lowers maintenance levels, prolongs equipment life, and reduces downtime.


Boiler Internal Treatments* are specifically matched to your make-up water quality to prevent scale and corrosion, while providing boiler waterside metal passivation. Our Boiler treatment products utilize the most advanced dispersant polymer technology available, which provides for exceptional boiler cleanliness and high fuel efficiency.

Feedwater Oxygen Scavengers* provide maximum corrosion protection to the boiler feedwater system. The optimum chemistry for your system will depend on operating pressure, make-up water quality and equipment specifics.

Condensate Corrosion Inhibitors* protect metal surfaces from the corrosive attack of carbonic acids. This decreases condensate piping maintenance and reduces iron return to the boiler. We have a complete line of neutralizing amine blends, which are excellent for most plants. We also have a proprietary filming inhibitor that is permitted for use in those food plants where amines are not allowed.

Pretreatment System Chemistries are available to optimize the operation of your pretreatment equipment. These include products to clean fouled pretreatment resin, as well as Membrane Performance Programs consisting of RO scale inhibitors, anti-foulants, and membrane cleaners to optimize reverse osmosis equipment.

* Many of these products have FDA, USDA, and Kosher certifications. Products are available in our Hands Free Delivery Systems, drums, or bulk.