Commercial & Institutional

GUARDIAN CSC offers a full line of commercial and institutional products. Guardian CSC works closely with many property management groups, as well as State and Federal facilities.


Guardian CSC works closely with its customers to offer secondary potable water sanitization. As a preventive measure for Legionella and other water-borne pathogens, facilities are ensuring the health of their occupants by maintaining safe drinking and wash water. Guardian CSC will engineer, install, and continually monitor these systems. Guardian CSC’s preferred method is through the use of chlorine dioxide.


Guardian CSC understands that some heat transfer equipment is located in limited access or tight spaces. In these cases, we offer a highly portable solution; Guardian CSC distributes patented solid feed technologies. These systems are designed to deliver highly accurate feed strengths using individual solid products that weigh a few pounds. This makes replacing a product on a roof effortless, compared to hauling up liquids.


Guardian CSC is pleased to announce that it exceeds all requirements, and has been awarded a preferred vendor status for the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.