Cooling Water Treatment

GUARDIAN CSC cooling water treatment programs are tailored to fit your specific needs and water quality. Water treatment management programs are designed to provide the optimum in scale and corrosion protection. Biological control is a key component to our treatment approach, with focus on Legionella and other pathogen risk minimization.

When properly executed, cooling water treatment reduces utility costs, provides protection against biofilms and pathogens, prolongs equipment life, and reduces downtime.


Cooling Tower System Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors provide superior inhibition in scale and corrosion in any water. These products are specially designed for your system, your water, and your operation. Our leading edge products will optimize efficiency and prolong equipment life.

Oxidizing Biocides use the latest leading edge bromine products to provide advanced protection against biofilms and pathogens that can rob efficiency, shorten equipment life, and increase liability to Legionnaire’s Disease.

Non-Oxidizing Biocides combat the most virulent organisms. Specific biocide selection is dependent on a number of factors, including discharge regulations, equipment specifics, and the types of bacteria that are prevalent in your water. Guardian CSC offers “green” biocides designed to minimize environmental impact by quickly breaking down into harmless components once discharged from the cooling system.

Closed Loop Treatments optimize the corrosion protection and prolong piping life. Several excellent chemistries are available, which can be matched to the specific needs of your system, based on metallurgy, water quality, and process requirements. Leading edge technologies include our volatile corrosion inhibitor line designed for low conductivity applications or alternating wet/dry conditions.

Once Through System Treatment Programs utilize state-of-the-art polymer technology specially blended for your operation and water quality, providing the optimum in scale and corrosion prevention. Environmentally safe technologies with no phosphate will allow you to meet the strictest of NPDES permits.