OFFERED BY THE ASSOCIATION OF WATER TECHNOLOGIES (AWT), the Certified Water Technologist (CWT) program is the highest professional credential in the industrial and commercial water treatment field. It provides professional recognition for individuals involved in water treatment and technology to indicate that an individual has achieved a high level of experience, knowledge and education in the industry. The CWT designation assures that water professionals possess a core body of knowledge and have extensive professional experience in all aspects of water treatment.

Guardian CSC strongly supports the Certified Water Technologist program. Every one of our Technical Sales Engineers, as well as our in-house Design Engineers, are either CWT-certified currently, or are actively working to meet the criteria for the certification. Our company personnel are active members of various AWT boards, have published technical papers in the national magazine read by other Certified Water Technologists around the country, and have presented at national symposiums.


AWT is an international trade association representing nearly 500 regional companies that specialize in industrial and commercial water treatment for heating and cooling systems (boilers, cooling towers, etc.). These companies may also specialize in wastewater treatment, potable water treatment and other industry segments.


To date, only a handful of professionals have earned the CWT certification. To become CWT-certified, water treatment professionals must have five or more years experience in the water treatment industry, successfully pass a rigorous science and practical knowledge exam, and provide references from industry professionals and customers they have worked with in the past. CWT certification must be maintained every five years through continuing education, demonstrated knowledge, and work in the water treatment industry.


Certified Water Technologists demonstrates five key characteristics in their day-to-day operations:

  • Demonstrate professional, credible and trustworthy behavior
  • Promote cutting-edge technology
  • Perform duties with integrity
  • Promote collaboration and networking
  • Continually raise industry standards


The following individuals on our staff are Certified Water Technologists:

Bruce T. Ketrick
Bruce T. Ketrick Jr.
Scott Stewart
Rick Bahr
Scott McCann
Paul Coppola
Trey DeBerry
Roger Landis
Gregg Woltz
Chris Turnbull
Marc Silverman
Travis Marks
William Korman