About Guardian

GUARDIAN CSC is the Mid Atlantic’s fastest growing water technologies company. We have provided clean water solutions through our treatment programs, pre-treatment equipment, chemical feed systems, tanks and other related products for boilers, cooling towers, waste effluent systems and process water for over forty-three years.

On a larger scale, as a member of Associated Laboratories, the Association of Water Technologies (AWT), and a GE Water and Process Technologies Elite Distributor, Guardian CSC offers a duality to our customers; one of a local company supported by international resources.  Hence our concept of:


This allows the advantages of national coverage, through affiliate companies coupled with extensive engineering and technical support.

What makes Guardian CSC unique is our in-house experience and expertise in the areas of trouble shooting, technical support on equipment design and operation, and custom formulations of chemical treatment products. This relationship allows Guardian CSC the ability to offer our customer’s in-plant water systems an overall review, with emphasis on technical improvements, fuel, energy, water and ultimately cost savings.

This means that we are able to offer:

  • Expertise in trouble shooting, consultation and new product development.
  • Custom blended products for your process problems: additives, defoamers, polymers, corrosion inhibitors, and scale modifiers.
  • Environmentally safe chemical treatment products and regulatory expertise to assure EPA and OSHA compliance.
  • Complete training programs for you and your people on chemical application, safety, and Right to Know.
  • Pretreatment equipment, custom built for the application, including: Softeners, Filters, Reverse Osmosis, Deionizers, Dealkalyzers, Ultraviolet Disinfection, pH Controllers, Conductivity Controllers and Chemical Feed Pumps.
  • Bulk delivery systems to customized containment basins and feed systems.

The purpose of Guardian CSC is to supply the industrial community with quality service and products in both the chemical treatment and the equipment field, at the highest value and lowest possible cost to the customer.