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Ensure the safe, dependable performance of your cooling water treatment process.

Guardian cooling water treatment services combine our industry expertise with the unique needs of your operation to produce the most efficient and dependable performance of your cooling water treatment system. We offer custom products that are blended in house and formulated to perfectly match your equipment and water quality, and our scale and corrosion protection, biological control and Legionella management, and pathogen risk minimization help ensure the overall safety and reliable operation of your cooling water treatment process.

Guardian Cooling Water Treatment

  • Match water with custom formulations
  • Protection from scale and corrosion
  • Biological control and Legionella management

Guardian’s Cooling Water Treatment Solutions:

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Superior inhibition of scale and corrosion
  • Matched to your water chemistry and equipment

Oxidizing Biocides

  • Advanced protection against biofilms and pathogens
  • Decrease Legionella risk
  • Improve cooling water system efficiency

Non-Oxidizing Biocides

  • Combat infectious organisms
  • Minimize environmental impact

Closed Loop Treatments

  • Optimized corrosion protection
  • Prolonged piping life
  • Matches the specific needs of your system

Once Through System Treatment Programs

  • Polymer technology specially blended for your process and water quality
  • Optimum scale and corrosion prevention
  • Meet the strictest NPDES permits


  • Automated equipment and chemistry for real-time feed adjustments 
  • Automated instant response to system fluctuations

Hands-Off Bulk Delivery

  • Eliminate the burden of chemical handling
  • Safely and efficiently manage your chemical needs

Cooling Tower Disinfection

  • OSHA recommends 2x/year performing a physical cleaning
  • Follows Cooling Tower Institute Cleaning procedures

All Guardian water treatment products are available in our Hands-Off Bulk Delivery Systems, in drums, or in bulk.

To learn more about our services for cooling water treatment, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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