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Minimize boiler scale and corrosion and maximize operating efficiency

Guardian’s boiler water treatment services are tailored to fit the unique operational demands and water quality of your boiler system. Our management programs promote optimum performance by protecting your boiler from scale and corrosion and ensuring your boiler operates at maximum efficiency. The result is reduced utility costs, minimal maintenance and downtime, and prolonged equipment life. Guardian can also help you reduce personnel labor and enhance safety by providing total system care and Hands-Off Bulk Delivery.

Guardian Boiler Water Treatments

  • Match makeup water with custom formulations
  • Prevent scale buildup and corrosion
  • Provide boiler waterside metal passivation
  • Apply advanced dispersant polymer technology
  • Produce exceptional boiler cleanliness

Guardian’s Boiler Water Treatment Solutions:


Boiler system additive that can reduce energy costs by up to 15%


Feedwater Oxygen Scavengers*

  • Provide maximum corrosion protection to the boiler feedwater system
  • Deliver optimum chemistry based on operating pressure, makeup water quality, and equipment

Condensate Corrosion Inhibitors*

  • Protect metal surfaces from corrosive carbonic acids
  • Decrease condensate piping maintenance
  • Reduce iron return to the boiler

Pretreatment System Chemistries

  • Optimize the operation of pretreatment equipment
  • Clean fouled pretreatment resin
  • Membrane Performance Programs

Aquafilm Film Forming Agents (FFA)

  • Safe, effective protection for steam boilers
  • Forms ultrathin barrier on metal surfaces to prevent corrosion and scaling
  • Replaces up to three chemicals with one organic formula


  • Equipment and chemistry for real-time feed adjustments 
  • Instant response to system fluctuations

Hands-Off Bulk Delivery

  • Eliminate the burden of chemical handling
  • Safely and efficiently manage your chemical needs

All Guardian boiler water treatment products are available in our Hands-Off Bulk Delivery Systems, in drums, or in bulk.

*FDA, USDA, and Kosher certifications are available for some products. For more information, talk to a Guardian water treatment specialist.

To learn more about our services for boiler water treatment, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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