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Remove Hard Minerals & Prolong Equipment Life

Guardian water softening systems are designed to remove calcium, magnesium, and other hard water minerals from the water that supplies industrial and commercial processes and equipment. By eliminating these minerals, a water softening system can help prolong the life of piping and equipment within industrial and commercial applications, improve the taste and condition of water used for drinking and food processing, and increase energy efficiency by preventing scale buildup.

Guardian Water Softener Systems

  • Brass control heads reduce risk of corrosion, extend reliable service life 
  • Fiberglass resin tanks support corrosion resistance
  • Meter-controlled regeneration maximizes service time, minimizes salt and water usage
  • Single control head or dual alternating controls for continuous output 24 hours a day
  • Networking interaction option for monitoring and remote adjustments
  • Trained technicians to support your equipment
  • Customized units available for special applications, meeting specific plant and water characteristics
  • Ensure proper application, saving capital outlay, water, and sewer costs
  • Payment options to meet your budget needs

Guardian’s water softener systems – most popular sizes and specifications:

Other sizes and specifications are available.

To learn more about our reverse osmosis system services, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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