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Comprehensive products and services for process water

Guardian’s water treatment experience within food and beverage applications and pharmaceutical processes has allowed us to generate a vast array of safe, efficient, and dependable products and services for process water. Our expert team can design, engineer, install, and service virtually any type of process water treatment system, and we routinely manage once-through water systems used in food processing cooling, chemical processing, and a variety of other applications.

Guardian Process Water Treatment

  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Once-through water systems

Guardian Process Water Solutions:

Fresh Cut Vegetable Processes

  • Flume water and spray applications
  • Chlorine dioxide systems extend product shelf life
  • Reduced corrosion of process equipment

Once-Through System Treatment

  • Polymer technology specially blended for operation and water quality
  • Provides optimum scale and corrosion prevention
  • Environmentally safe technologies with no phosphate
  • Meet the strictest NPDES permits

Flume Water Treatments

  • Prevent bacteria proliferation
  • Address problems such as foaming and rinse aids for the food processing industry
  • Special products such as chlorine dioxide are available to provide complete process water management

Kosher and Bitrex®

  • Bitrex added to process cooling water in canning applications
  • Ensures Kosher quality
  • Recognized as an alternative to full-line shut down and CIP
  • Guarantees leakage produces taste-averse product
  • Reduces downtime

To learn more about our services for process water treatment, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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