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Data Centers Water Treatment

Data Centers Water Treatment

Data Centers Water Treatment

Water Treatment Solutions for Data Centers

Maximum uptime and dependability are non-negotiable requirements for water treatment systems in data centers. These facilities represent 24/7 reliability with no room for error, and every system that contributes to their operation must produce consistent, predictable results. Guardian’s team of water treatment experts understands the extreme demands placed on the water that supplies HVAC equipment and other systems that support data center operations. We recognize the high expectations for performance, and we exceed those expectations with a team of experienced Certified Water Technologists and water treatment experts who know how to design optimal solutions to meet the special needs of this environment.   

Data Centers Choose Guardian for: 

  • Maximum uptime
  • Dependable system performance
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Custom chemistries for unique system needs
  • Water management programs
  • Corrosion control for redundant systems
  • Fully automated filtration applications

Guardian Products and Services for Data Centers


Boiler system additive that can reduce energy costs by up to 15%


Cooling Water Treatment

  • Scale and Corrosion Protection
  • Biological Control
  • Complete System Care

Boiler Water Treatment

  • Scale and Corrosion Protection
  • EndoTherm™
  • Complete System Care

General Filtration

  • Basic Filters and Housings
  • Fully-automated Filtration Equipment

To learn more about Guardian water treatment equipment and systems, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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