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Greater safety and efficiency through data management

Guardian Reports is a forward-thinking solution for the water treatment industry that eliminates error-prone pencil-and-paper recordkeeping and provides a full complement of data management tools for safe, efficient water treatment. Users can access Guardian Reports from cellphones, tablets, laptops, or any web-ready device to create and view reports, graph test results, access eController data, and review product safety information. Guardian Reports also includes test results from both service reports and operator logs that can be trended against eController data.

Guardian Reports Provide:

Flexible Reporting Options

Customize reports with options for service reports, equipment surveys, site audits, inspection checklists, and other compliance documentation. Build detailed service reports for large volumes of data and customize each test result as text, numbers, lists, and more.

Graphing & Trending

Compare user-entered data and controller data in color-coded graphs and trend reports. View time management data in calendar format.


Automatically generate email alarms based on color-coded test results. View a history of alarms generated, including any responses.

Data Management

Sort and organize data and customers by geographic location or business segment. Customize user access to specific customer locations and features.

Device Compatibility

Store data from devices such as controllers, connect to compatible devices, and graph device data history.

Color-Coded Test Results

Assign color codes to each test result to create a visual aid for out-of-spec test conditions. Graphing and alarming features can be configured based on the color status of each test.

Report Scheduling

Create recurring and seasonal schedules for each customer. Includes tools for compliance reporting and schedule status summaries.

Continuous Updates

Cloud-based software is continuously and seamlessly updated, ensuring customers have all of the latest reporting tools.

To learn more about Guardian Reports, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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