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Aquafilm-V for Steam Boiler Systems

Aquafilm-V is an organic additive for steam boiler systems that forms a thin protective barrier between metal surfaces and water to prevent scaling and corrosion, and improve heat transfer. Aquafilm-V protects the entire steam system from the feedwater tank to the return lines.

Benefits of Aquafilm-V for steam boiler systems include:

  • Lowers energy costs by improving heat transfer
  • Replaces multiple chemistries with one product
  • No diluting or mixing
  • Simplifies water testing
  • Improves condensate quality, reducing blowdown frequency
  • Lowers maintenance costs by controlling corrosion and scaling
  • Loosens existing scale and prevents new deposits
  • Protects feed-tanks, boilers, steam pipes, turbines, and condensate lines
  • Meets FDA guidelines
  • Complies with OECD 301 A-F

To learn more about Aquafilm-V for boiler water treatment systems, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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