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Let Guardian Help You Uncover Ways to Save Water and Energy in Your Water System

By allowing a Guardian water treatment expert to conduct a Water & Energy Use Audit, we can see and understand the complete picture of your water system and energy use, and we can help you select the right services, equipment, and products for the highest level of efficiency and energy savings.

About the Audit

The steps involved in a Water & Energy Use Audit include an onsite survey of all heat transfer equipment and collection of key data, such as current water usage and chiller energy data. All steps are typically completed in a single visit.

After the site visit and data collection, Guardian provides the following information in the audit report:

  • System sizing with an overview of the heat transfer equipment
  • Recommendations for potential water savings projects, including ROI/payback period
  • Recommendations for potential energy savings projects, including ROI/payback period

The Water & Energy Use Audit report and all recommendations are provided free of charge and with no obligation.

Guardian’s primary goal with every customer is to help you achieve optimal water and energy efficiency and lower your operating costs. 

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