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Let Guardian safely and seamlessly manage your chemical needs.

Guardian knows that one of the biggest challenges in water treatment is the safe handling of system chemicals, which is why we designed our Hands-Off Bulk Delivery system. Guardian’s Hands-Off Bulk Delivery systems and service alleviate plant owners and facility managers of the burden of chemical handling for water treatment. From transportation and delivery to drum handling and disposal, Guardian manages the entire process, so no chemical handling is required by you or your personnel. We can also design container systems that meet the chemical needs of your processes and the space requirements of your facility.

Guardian’s Hands-Off Bulk Delivery Benefits:

Minimizes operator exposure to hazardous materials

Increasing regulation has reduced the number of chemicals that personnel are permitted to handle without proper training. Hands-Off Bulk Delivery relieves you and your personnel of this responsibility, creating a safer work environment.

Transports heavy, awkward chemical containers without worry

Transporting and handling chemical drums and totes from your receiving area to the point of use can be cumbersome and dangerous. Guardian provides the proper equipment and trained delivery personnel to safely deliver your chemicals and manage heavy and odd-sized containers so you don’t have to.

Eliminates the cost of drum handling and disposal

Guardian Hands-Off Bulk Delivery eliminates the cost of handling and disposal while freeing up your personnel to perform other tasks.

Ensures safe chemical delivery

Chemicals are delivered directly to your bulk containers by trained CDL and HAZMAT-certified Guardian personnel.

Reduces inventory and frees up chemical storage space

Our Hand-Off Bulk Delivery systems are custom designed for your available space, and we deliver only what is needed when it’s needed. Our goal is to help your plant become drum-free by seamlessly and safely managing your chemical needs.

To learn more about our Hands-Off Bulk Delivery systems and service, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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