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Guardian specialty products are custom formulations and equipment designed by our chemical blending and water treatment experts to meet the specific needs and chemistries of your water treatment systems. Our specialty products include:

Retort Can Cookers

Guardian delivers optimum scale and corrosion inhibition for the toughest retort can cooker water conditions. We use volatile corrosion inhibitors and other custom products to prevent corrosion in the retorts and steam spaces and provide residual protections for the can and bottles. We also offer chlorine dioxide and other biological control products for the cooling sections of rotary cookers, pasteurizers, and other process cooling applications.

Injection Molding

Guardian offers specialty corrosion inhibition products for the chilled water systems and exotic metallurgy found in the injection mold industry. Guardian delivers the careful attention to chemistry and monitoring that these systems, metals, and water conditions require.

Glass Manufacturing

Guardian products provide optimum scale and corrosion inhibition in high temperature and high stress waters along with monitoring systems for your specific application.

To learn more about Guardian specialty products for your water treatment system, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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