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Glycol Products for Optimal Heat Transfer, Corrosion Protection & Freeze Tolerance

While water is an economical and thermodynamically superior heat transfer fluid, it also has deficiencies. Using properly inhibited heat transfer fluid overcomes these deficiencies while preserving the beneficial properties of water. Guardian’s expertly manufactured glycol products offer the most effective combination of heat transfer, corrosion protection, and freeze tolerance for your operational needs.

Guardian heat transfer fluids include:

  • Inhibited ethylene glycol
  • Inhibited propylene glycol
  • Inhibited ethyl alcohol

Guardian can also service, install, and manage all of your:

  • Glycol feed equipment
  • Testing and storage
  • Tanker, tote, and drum deliveries
  • Specific premix concentrations

To learn more about glycol products and services, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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