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Food & Beverage
Water Treatment

Food & Beverage Water Treatment

Food & Beverage Water Treatment

Food & Beverage Water Treatment

Water treatment within the food and beverage industry has a direct impact on public health and safety as well as on corporate reputation and profitability. At Guardian, we take these responsibilities seriously, and we begin every water treatment program with a total system approach. Our Certified Water Technologists and water treatment specialists have decades of experience working with facility managers to design, implement, and manage complex water treatment programs for the food and beverage industry, taking into account a multitude of factors that impact the performance of the system. Water hygiene, food safety and compliance requirements, operating efficiency, energy use, water usage and conservation—we recognize and address every aspect of the water treatment program and design the best solutions to meet the demands of your industry.

Guardian has Food & Beverage Solutions for: 

  • Fresh cut vegetables
  • Vegetable washing
  • Retort/rotary cookers
  • Dairies
  • Breweries
  • Canneries

Guardian Products and Services for Food & Beverage

Cooling Water Treatment

  • Scale and Corrosion Protection
  • Biological Control
  • Complete System Care

Reverse Osmosis

  • Antiscalants
  • Cleaners
  • System Check Up

General Filtration

  • Basic Filters and Housings
  • Fully-automated Filtration Equipment


  • Bioaugmentation
  • Clarification Flocculants
  • GRAS

Hands-Off Bulk Delivery

  • Drum Handling
  • Disposal
  • Chemical Delivery

Remote Monitoring

  • eController
  • Guardian Reports
  • Data Management

To learn more about Guardian water treatment equipment and systems, talk to a Guardian specialist.

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