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Solutions for All of Your Filtration Needs

Guardian offers a wide range of general filtration products from basic filter housings containing bag and cartridge to fully automated submicron filtration equipment.

Guardian General Filtration Products:

Filter Feeders

Four-inch-wide mouth caps with square section o-ring seal closes easily by hand

Filter Housings

Cyclone separator and cartridge filter in a single compact design

Cartridge and Bag Filters

Multiple sizes and micron filtrations      

Multi Media Filters/ Activated Carbon

Reduce suspended solids in incoming feed water

Pressure Filters

For problems with iron, suspended particles, sediment, turbidity, unpleasant tastes and odors, unwanted color, or the common contaminants of surface water

H2Tronics Next™ Sand HZ Filter Systems

5.0-micron solution for HVAC applications where pressure and/or temperature are not a concern. Utrahigh surface area, high porosity, surface microstructure, and abrasion resistance are ideal for high TSS and high turbidity water sources. Optional 4G connection for remote alarming.

Vortisand® Fully Automated Submicron Filters

High-performance filtration solutions

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