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Products, Equipment, and Services for Optimal Water System Efficiency

Energy savings can be accomplished in a variety of ways within your water system, and it’s our goal to help you identify the best products, equipment, and services to achieve energy savings for your particular water system and conditions. Systems that operate efficiently deliver a multitude of ongoing benefits, including lower water and energy costs, longer system and equipment life, and less maintenance.

To help our customers experience these benefits, Guardian offers energy-saving products and services with paybacks in as little as 6 to 36 months. We also offer a free Water & Energy Use Audit to help you identify which products and equipment are best-suited to improve the efficiency of your water system.

Explore Guardian’s Water and Energy-Saving Products and Services


An eco-friendly additive for hydronic heating systems that reduces water surface tension to lower energy costs up to 15%


A modular side-stream precipitator system for chillers and boilers that reduces energy costs up to 15%


An organic additive for steam boiler systems that prevents scaling and corrosion, and improves heat transfer

Free Water & Energy Use Audit

A free onsite survey and report with recommendations for how to save water and energy in your water system

Start with a free Water & Energy Use Audit.

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